I’ve always been in love with animals and have a lot of empathy for them. I have adopted several cats and dogs over the years and volunteered for short periods in some associations. Still, my actions in favour of animal rights and my contribution to this cause were of little relevance. For this reason, Black Lava Records aims to contribute more actively to this cause. The objective is to support monetarily through donations, associations and entities that fight daily to preserve what we humans are destroying.

In a transparent, genuine and honest way, Black Lava Records is committed to supporting the animal cause and publicly sharing the objectives, goals and results of all actions and donations it makes along its path.

Black Lava Records will only sign bands that share the same vision and also want to be part of this project. From helping stray animals to preserving species, Black Lava Records and its artists will do their part to help this cause.


Wolves from Centro de Recuperação do Lobo Ibérico sponsored through releases.

Arada - Sponsorship
by Crushing Sun “TAO” release
Birth date May, 2015
Provenance Spain, rescued from illegal captivity
Physical condition in good health